So you are looking for your dream home....You have met with a lender and know what price range you can afford. What next? 

First Make a list – Start with your “Must Have”. Is it a big backyard or 3 Bathrooms? Does it have to be close to VRE or in a certain school district.  Think about it and WRITE down at least 5 must haves.  Then add your “Would Be Nice” to the list.  Things like a gas fireplace or new appliances.  Don’t just have these in your head – put it on paper.  It will really come in handy when comparing properties. You can get started on this list by completing my basic Dream Home Finder.

Once I have found properties that meet your requirements we will need to factor in all your expenses besides the price of the home.  Things like moving costs, will you need more furniture, is there an HOA, are there improvements you want to make right away? Having a handle on these expenses before you buy will alleviate unnecessary stress once a sale is completed.

Check out the neighborhood.  Drive by at all hours of the day and days of the week to see what it is like.  Are there children out playing, do you hear loud noise from nearby highways, do you see people out walking their dogs and interacting?  How close is the nearest grocery store or park? Ask yourself...Will my family be happy in the neighborhood?

Don’t get bogged down listening to friend’s and family’s opinions.  Everyone who has bought and owned a home has their own experiences and will want to share them with you.  Take them with a grain of salt – only you know your financial situation and what you want in a home!

It is such a thrill for me to help people find a home – I look forward to working with you!!